Thursday, 8th May, 2014

Country: England
Distance travelled:
Weather: rain clearing in the afternoon

After such a late night there was little enthusiasm to get out of bed particularly early and since it was raining again, there was little incentive either. Eventually I staggered to the shower block, I wasn’t missing out on another shower in that wonderful place and I’m getting into the habit of washing my hair at any opportunity.

Since the entire campsite was a big one way loop, we eventually left and returned, as the motorhome service point was back in the wrong direction from where we had camped. Unfortunately, there was a large truck parked on the narrow road so we actually had to go back in through the exit boom gate and all the way round past our site to access it. After all the washing machine adventures on Tuesday, both our fresh water and grey water tanks, filled and emptied respectively upon our arrival, required attention again. The toilet cassette was also attended to while the opportunity was available.

I had taken the chance to practice driving the van while we were on empty roads and once we had finished our maintenance I continued driving out to the cinema carpark situated adjacent to Lee Valley Campsite. There was just enough room to get the van up to third gear before I had to start slowing again and although I was not planning to take her for a spin through central London, I felt confident that should some emergency arise, I would probably be able to drive Mark to a doctor. In the country. At midnight. Here’s hoping he doesn’t get sick in the middle of Rome.

We were heading south to meet an ex-workmate of Marks’ so took a long loop around London in the continuing rain. It was some two hours before we were quit of the suburbs and back out into the country eventually arriving at Thursley Common, our planned park for the night. Unusually for us, it was quite early in the afternoon when we arrived so after scoping the place out we headed back to a turnoff we had seen for a farm shop butcher. They had a very nice setup and we came away with some gammon, mince, bacon and some sausages we are hoping will be better than the ones available in the supermarkets around here. A quick stop at a stall on the way back and we had fresh eggs as well.

Thursley Common

It was still quite early in the evening so a stroll around the small lake seemed in order. It was a quiet spot with predominately conifer trees and could be a good location to find fungi come the autumn, assuming most fungi grows at that time of the year in Britian. We kept noticing the biggest black slugs crossing our path while we walked and although I attempted to take some photos, as soon as I got close they shrunk themselves down. I assume I was causing some vibration they were sensitive to. I’m glad slugs don’t get that big at home, my garden would have no chance. As we returned to the clearing near where we were parked, we noticed a pair of birds diving into the lake with loud calls. Even with the telephoto lens, the results were disappointing. Birds move too fast, we may have to get a lot more practice. Or stick with stationary subjects.

Diving Bird

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